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Wojciech Berendt


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My name is Worjciech Berendt and I am a specialist Plastic Surgeon.
I am a member of the Polish Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and the Polish society of General Surgery.' This is the highest qualification in Poland for Plastic surgery and I am a consultant plastic surgeon. For 10 years I have worked with Adam Kalecinski. Since 2007 I have also worked in the state hospitals in Poland which is the same as the British NHS. Here you recieve a lot of free training and I am lucky to have worked in the main state hospital in Poland that specialises in Plastic and Recognstructive Surgery 'Polanica Zdroj'. It is here that I specialised in plastic surgery.

My work experience includes:
Bucarest - M.D constantin Stan- Internship.
Canada - Edmonton Road -Royal Alexandra hospital- general surgery division- Internship.
Railway state Hospital Wroclaw - general surgery divison -15 years
Marciniak State Hospital Wroclaw - General surgery divison - 3 years.
SCM Plastic and reconstructive surgery state hospital in Polanica Zdroj- plastic and reconstructive department- surgeon- 8 years.