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Male breast reduction

MALE GYNECOMASTIA SURGERY (male breast reduction)

For the removal of enlarged male breasts, sometimes referred to as ‘Man Boobs’ or ‘Moobs’...
Gynecomastia is a medical term which means male breast enlargement. This is a very common condition experienced by many adult males and our surgeon, Adam Kalecinski regularly carries out this procedure.
In general, gynecomastia can be described as the abnormal development of large mammary glands in males, which results in the enlargement of male breasts. The breast comprises of two main components: the firm and dense glandular tissue and the soft fatty tissue. In any breast, the ratio of glandular to fatty tissue will vary from one individual to the next. Gynecomastia cases tend to exhibit an excess of both and our gynecomastia surgery removes both the fatty deposits and the underlying glandular tissue.
There is no known cause in most of the cases and, although gynecomastia is rarely talked about, it is a very common condition and many men now opt for a successful surgical solution with Adam.


Gynecomastia surgery is a relatively simple surgical procedure that takes only an hour and a half to complete.
The procedure is performed under intravenous sedation (meaning the patient is asleep during the procedure) and is therefore safer than the use of general anaesthetic.
Prior to surgery, our surgeon will invite you to consultation where you will discuss all aspects of the procedure, your own current state of health and he will be happy to answer any questions you may have. You will look around the clinic and be fully conversant with the procedure.

Once surgical preparations have been made our surgeon will make small incisions and then carefully suck out the fat and glandular tissues via liposuction. Any incisions are then sutured to give an improved appearance - a flatter, firmer and better contoured chest. Dissolvable stitches are used in all procedures in order to ease the healing process.


Post surgery, you will stay overnight in our modern clinic. You will be dressed with compression bandages to reduce swelling and aid comfort. After seeing our surgeon the next morning for consultation, you will be able to leave for your hotel for a further one night stay. Once you have seen our surgeon the next day you are free to return home and gradually return to normal activity over the next few weeks.


Gynecomastia surgery costs £1,400 and is payable on the day of surgery (no deposit is required)