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Linear strip method – with Trichophytic wound closure

Our surgeon uses Trichophytic incision closure which has the potential to make the linear donor scars (typical when using the strip method of hair transplantation) virtually undetectable.

Hair Transplantation - Strip Method:

When carrying out the strip method of hair transplantation, our surgeon, Dr Saifa employs Trichophytic closure a method to improve the appearance of the linear donor scars. This Trichophytic incision involves trimming the upper edge of the incision and closing the wound in such a way that the hair near the edge is able to grow through the scar and therefore disguise its existence. This has the potential to produce a scar that is virtually undetectable.

As a part of your treatment you will have a full consultation with Dr Saifi to discuss the best treatment options for you.

A personalised plan is then designed to enable you to reach your expectations.

More grafts than ever before (up to 3000 grafts) can be transplanted in one convenient session, with entire process completed in fewer sessions.

Results are apparent within as little as six months post procedure.

Picture below 6 months post strip method scar can handly be seen.