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When looking for a hair transplant surgeon you want to find one trained in the latest techniques. Look no further information call our UK office on: 0208 1444254

Our surgeon, Dr Marwan Saifi, has worked as a hair transplant surgeon in the USA since 1995. In December 2008 he started working with us in Poland and in 2011 he was awarded a prestigious and rarely awarded Diploma by the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery. He is a member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery. Past clients include international celebrities and Holywood stars. In Poland he has now formed his own hand picked team of experienced staff to work with him.

Unlike many other clinics, the entire procedure is completed by Dr Saifi himself. This insures you have the highest quality hair transplant. His techniques make use of advanced procedures and are assured for safety, effectiveness and reliabiliy in achieving your desired results. Treatment costs are related to the volume of transplanted hair:

1000 Grafts (around 2400 hairs = £2160)
1500 Grafts (around 3750 hairs = £2600)
2000 Grafts (around 4900 hairs = £2995)
2500 Grafts (around 6250 hairs = £3400)

All email contact is direct with the surgeon when you fill out form below.


1000 Grafts (around 2400 hairs = £2900)
1500 Grafts (around 3750 hairs = £3700)
2000 Grafts (around 4900 hairs = £4600)
2500 Grafts (around 6250 hairs = £5100)

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Hair Transplant Surgery:

America is the world leader in hair transplant technology and Dr Marwan Saifi has worked and trained successfuly in the US for many years as a dedicated hair transplant surgeon. He has also worked as a lead specialist in the education and training of transplant surgeons when recently working in America.

Dr Saifi is meticulous in his work and his high levels of precision, attention to detail and excellent customer care all contribute to excellent results.
Dr Saifi conducts procedures from a state of the art clinic recently opened (April 2009) with high tech specifications and equipment from America - the home of pioneering hair transplant surgery. The superbly equipped facility provides a hygenic environment, ideal for hair transplant procedures.

Owing to all procedures being carried out in Wroclaw, Poland we are able to provide competitive pricing alongside high quality.
Why pay more in the UK for less specialised surgeons and treatments?
We will pick you up from Wroclaw airport which is 10 minutes from the clinic.

You can fly with (from Stansted, East Midlands, Liverpool, Bristol, Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Dublin) or with (from Luton and Doncaster). You only need to stay one night in Poland, which is in a 4 star hotel and included in the cost of your procedure.

Call us now on UK number 0208 1444 254 and Dr Saifi will personally call you back. to discuss your requirements.

Pictures: i) Block of 10 on the right - showing hair transplant progress from the start (bottom) to 6 months later (top). ii) Block of 3 below - showing (from left to right) - before - 3 months after - 6 months after.