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Gastric Band - General Information:

We strongly advise you to go on a low fat diet for 2 weeks prior to your surgery date. This will assist your liver to reduce in size and therefore, make the procedure more straightforward. If you smoke then reducing your intake is strongly recommended.
After your consultation the previous evening, you will be admitted to the hospital at 07:15am on the day of your surgery (The address is Gendarmeriestraat 65 B1800 Vilvoorde, Belgium ( You will undergo a pre-operative electrocardiogram and a routine blood test in order to confirm your readiness for surgery. The procedure is conducted under general anaesthetic later that day. You will stay overnight in the hospital and will be discharged the next day at 1pm once the standard post-operative exam has been carried out.

The price includes: the operation, the adjustable band (by Johnson & Johnson) and a one night stay in the hospital. It excludes any possible re-operation, transfusion or stay in intensive care (all of which are extremely rare). Your hotel costs are not included. Payment is by cash Euro.
Once a year, following the procedure, we will need to see you for a medical check-up. This includes an X-ray of the oesophagus, the band and stomach. You will also need to see the surgeon again to have refills at our UK clinic.

Airlines that fly to Brussels from the UK are: Ryanair, BMI, Flybe, SNBrussels, Brussels Airlines & Austrian Air.  

If you choose to travel by Eurostar to Brussels you will arrive at Midi Station. You will then need to take another train to Vilvoorde Station (10 minutes away) and then a taxi to the hotel (a further 10 minutes).