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Mini gastric bypass surgery is reversible

The difference between mini gastric bypass surgery and other surgical weight loss procedures is that it is reversible. This is an extraordinary advancement compared to other weight loss surgeries, which require much more post-surgery attention. This has made it easier for people to fully recover from the surgery and gives people the option to have the surgery reversed. The ability to reverse the mini gastric bypass is a great advantage for people who are not recovering well or responding well to the surgery of those that are pregnant. In these cases, the patient can get the surgery reversed and resort to alternative weight loss options.

Mini gastric bypass surgery is a shorter procedure
Compared to other surgical weight loss procedures, mini gastric bypass surgery takes less time to perform. In some cases it can take only a quarter of the time that a more traditional procedure takes. The mini gastric bypass surgery usually takes approximately 30 – 40 minutes to complete and the recovery time in the hospital is about 24 hours although due to the thoroughness of our surgeon he insists on a 3 day stay.

Mini gastric bypass surgery has fewer risks
Due to using a laparoscope in the procedure is less invasive and poses fewer risks of any complications arising. The surgeon doesn’t have to make large incisions in the abdomen which reduces the risk of having scars or developing a herni
Mini gastric bypass surgery is more cost effective
Compared to other surgical weight loss approaches the mini gastric bypass is more cost effective as it is a much quicker procedure and is less invasive than traditional surgical weight loss procedures. It also has the ability to start weight loss within a few days after surgery.

Mini gastric bypass surgery works
Perhaps the biggest benefit of this surgical weight loss procedure is a proven method that leads to weight loss. This is a result of decreasing hunger while increasing the feeling of being full. What you have to understand is that you will also have to enter into a lifestyle change which includes a healthier diet and regular exercise and by doing this in conjunction with the mini gastric bypass you will achieve your desired results.

Many patients ask Chris for the Full gastric bypass because they have had friends or family who have had the procedure or they have investigated into the procedure on the internet. The full by pass involves cutting away the stomach but this time more of the stomach is removed than the procedure above. The intestine is joined to the stomach futher down so that you bypass the first part of the small intestine. Where the intestine has been cut off this is also joined to the bottom half of the stomach this is so that the emzymes and the stomach juices which are used to break down food join the food later in there jouney down the intestine. The two Animation films explain well the full gastric bypass surgery and mini Bypass.

Three nights in a brussels hotel and two nights in the Inner city hospital are required. All accomodation is included in the price.

Full Gastric Bypass