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Please email information such as height, weight, date of birth, any co-morbidities (diabetes, arterial hypertension etc), any previous operations or current medication, smoking habits and any allergies using the fom below.

Q. I feel pretty discouraged and hopeless about my weight. I hardly ever go out, feel ugly have low self esteem. If I lose all this weight, how will my life change?

A. Of course, we can't predict exactly how your life will change after losing 35, 50 or 75+ Kilograms but your life will change.

Examples of previously observed physiological changes include: lowered blood pressure and blood sugar, greater espiratory regulation, more energy, fewer aches and pains, and improved sleep patterns. Psychological benefits have been noted - to include: decreased depression, raised self esteem, improved social skills and a positive future outlook.
There are also demands in adhering to your dietary and health program and in changing some deep-set lifestyle habits.
Family relationships are likely to improve although everyone will need to adjust to your new life choices and appearance.


Q. How long can I keep the band in my body?

A. The band can reside for up to 15 years and should remain until you are sure your weight is stable and you can maintain it without the band. The band is removed via the same previous small scars that were used to place the band originally.


Q. Can I get pregnant with the band and would the baby receive enough nutrients from me?

A. Yes to both. In fact your lower blood sugar. levels will have a psoitive impact. It is best to wait about six months post surgery prior to getting pregnant so that you are over the first phase of rapid weight loss. You should open up your band when you are pregnant and we can advise on this.

Q. How many days in the hospital, and how much time off from work is necessary?

A. Patients typically spend one night in the hospital, and can generally be back at work within three to six days.


Q. How does the body know when to stop losing weight? (I don’t want to look anorexic)?

A. Food is the same to you as petrol is to a car. The bigger the car, the more petrol it needs to run. As humans we reach a steady state in terms of weight where you continue to lose weight until your intake is equal to what your body is using. As you reduce in size, you consume less and eventually you stop losing weight.


Q. Is there any scarring after surgery?

A. There is minimal scaring after laparoscopic surgery. However - should you lose 50 kg you may elect to have a tummy-tuck to remove loose skin. This produces a long scar along the abdominal midline.


Q. I am a compulsive and emotional eater - do people that eat for these reasons have as much success as the ones who just happen to have large appetites (and aren't compulsive)? I fear that this band will not work for me because one of my worst compulsive tendencies is to eat ice cream, which doesn't seem like it would be restricted by the band.

A. There is no hard and fast rule. We have had patients with your condition who have enjoyed excellent results.

Q. Will I have excess flab over my body and need cosmetic surgery after I have lost weight?

A. The amount of loose skin you will be left with after weight loss depends on many factors such as skin elasticity, genetics and the extent of the weight loss. Some patients will require a tummy tuck procedure - especially if they have lost 50kg+.


Q. How does the band affect reflux and heartburn?

A. Those obese patients who have oesophageal reflux (which causes heartburn) in most cases experience an instant relief of those symptoms after surgery. The hiatus is tightened and the band prevents the acid from running up.