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When considering surgery abroad, you may have questions... Please read our frequently asked questions below, but if you can't find the answer you are looking for don't hesitate to call our UK office on: 02081444254 or email

What is the procedure before the operation?

Please avoid aspirin for two weeks before surgery. Do not drink alcohol, tea or coffee on the day of surgery - it is better just to drink water. Do not eat for six hours before surgery. However, if you are having only a local anaesthetic then you can have a very light snack - for example - a yogurt, four hours before.
Please be advised to bring a snack with you, so that when it is safe to eat you have something light available.
We recommend that you seek independent medical advice before undergoing surgery. It is also important that you inform the surgeon of any medical conditions that you have which could cause problems before or during surgery.

How clean is the clinic?
Our clinic is newly opened having been built in April 2009. It is modern, clean and hygienic. No instances of MRSA have ever been recorded. The clinic adheres to strict European standards.

Will my operation be under local or genral anaethetic?
This will depend on the nature of your procedure. Wherever possible procedures are carried out with you awake as it is safer for you. However the surgeon can give you a mild sedative to make you feel more relaxed during the procedure.

What is the currency in Poland?
The Polish currency is Zloty (PLN) not Euro's. However, payment for surgery is in British pounds - preferrably English notes.

What if I need to cancel my operation?
Please send us an email if you need to cancel your operation. You can cancel your operation up to a week before for any reason. However patients who have booked with us and don't inform us of their cancellation will be charged £285 (GBP) as we will have prepared and hygienically cleaned the operating theatre and late cancellation will have prevented someone else from having surgery.

How do I pay?
Most patients pay in pound sterling cash, or by bank transfer to the surgeon’s bank account. No deposits are payable and all money is paid directly to the surgeon. Should you require finance, companies such as BMI Healthcare can assist. Travel insurance specifically for people travelling for medical reasons is available from All Clear Travel. Most people however,just make sure their European Health Insurance Card (the old E111) is up to date. You can do this online.

Privacy policy?
The contact form information is only accessed by 2 people: our surgeon for the details he needs for your surgery and by the administrative receptionist in order to contact you and book surgery. We do not sell any information to third parties. If you want any information removed from our databases please email us. Thankyou.

What is the advantage of coming to us?

You will receive professional, friendly, medical care with surgery carried out by a highly experienced, skilled and qualified surgeon. All surgery is performed by our named surgeons, unlike other clinics where a junior doctor might do some of your surgery. The surgery is affordably priced and conducted in a modern, hygienic clinic. Post treatment you can enjoy the beautiful city of Wroclaw, Poland and recover before your return home.

Where do I stay?
The first night you stay in the clinic. The next day you will go and stay in one of the hotels nearby or in our apartment.our appartment is £30 a night book via us or we recommend the Puro hotel as it has English tv book via

Terms and Conditions:
Bridget White and David Morgan are employed by the surgeon and work as an intermediary for booking the surgery, They will help book hotels and speak to the surgeon prior to any procedure being carried out. They have purely an administrative role similar to a doctor's receptionist. They have no medical qualifications and is no way responsible for any medical work. Post surgery you will meet again with the surgeon to make sure you are happy and well, and ready to return back to England. Patients should be aware that all surgery does have risks of complications. If complications occur patients can be asked to return to Poland for consultation or even revision surgery.

Can I speak directly to the surgeon before the operation?
Yes. Dr Saifi (hair transplant surgeon) will always discuss possible treatment with you on the phone prior to travelling to Poland. Dr Adam Kalecinski also offer advice should this be requested. Otherwise, our administrator can help with many enquiries before or during your stay in Poland.