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  • Some more satisfied clients!

    See what even more satisfied clients have to say about us right HERE.


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  • Some words from our friends...

    Hi. You will see that we have posted some customer videos for you to view HERE. Please take a look.

    There are contributions from 6 very satisfied clients, each giving their own perspective on the surgery, our surgeon, the clinic and the quality of the care.

    Taking each in turn, you will see:

    1. Jennifer - 1 day and 4 days after rhinoplasty (nose) surgery. Happy with the outcome and Adam's experience of afro-caribbean nose surgery.

    2. Esther - post dental treatment. Pleased with her new crowns, the perfectionism of our dentist and the low price.

    3. Mrs M - post tummy tuck surgery. Happy with the service and enjoying taking it easy in our self-catering apartment.

    4. Keith - weeks after his previous facelift procedure and soon after recent eye surgery. Impressed with Adam's gentlemanly manner and the positive results of his surgery.

    5. Dominic - soon after rhinoplasty and otoplasty (ears). Very pleased with his professional treatment within a clean and discrete environment - allied to inexpensive pricing.

    6. Vanessa - hours after breast and rhinoplasty surgery. As a professional model - she is delighted with her treatment and results.




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